Cassie Rytheen

A slight, blonde halfling woman clad in the raiments of Oghma.


Laurel Seeker Cassie is a pretty halfling woman just topping 3’3", making her slightly taller and slimmer than most of her kinfolk.

Her blonde hair is cut away from her face at angles so as to not distract her when either exploring or teaching a class in her old university home. She puts only a little stock in make-up but always makes sure she is presentable to represent her organisation and church.

Favouring a light chain shirt, Cassie is generally clad in simple but fine clothing of her southern Sword Coast home. She carries a shield and mace of her faith but as yet, outside of training, has had little need to use them. The pleasant woman rarely drawing ire.

She is not strong but quick enough on her feet to avoid most clumsy humans. Her soft but well-spoken voice often draws eyes to her as it seems an unusual sound to come from the small woman, a tone that can sometimes become a deeper admonishment but one tinged with genuine respect for all those who attempt to learn. While she tends to keep a reserved look upon her face so as to build upon the respect of her calling, Cassie has a genuine soft spot for all animals and seems more at home studying when she has an animal to casually pat.


Cassie Rytheen is from Baldur’s Gate on the Sword Coast and has spent most of her life in the universities and churches of Oghma. Both her parents were scholars and hers was a natural progression, one she found a love for.

She was not as naturally gifted as her parents in study but was a hard worker and quickly became a gifted tutor. Her insights and practical developments of some of the universities teachings drew the attention of the priests of Oghma who developed her intuitive link to knowledge. She became a Laurel Seeker of the Church and while initially wanting to follow her parent’s more engineering pursuits, found a love of how nature created its own inventions. She decided her pursuit would be the marrying of agriculture, horticulture, machinery and natural engineering. She wanted to develop better, less intrusive ways to farm that provided more resources over the long years.

She studied at a few monasteries of friendly faiths before returning to Baldur’s Gate to accept a position as a professor of a multidisciplinary field of biology. She was very popular and drew many students for the field was not one well researched. She has held this position for a few years but she felt her own progress of her great thesis faltering. When she found out that one of the agricultural monasteries had fallen on hard times due to blight, over farming and unlucky seasonal weather, she decided to strike out into the world to see it with her own eyes and try and find the gaps in her research.

North was a natural first direction, apart from the legendary Goldenfields, the north was a place hostile to most farming and yet they survived. She wanted to see how these people made it work in a hostile environment but after some travel, she found the elements were not their only enemy. She saw first hand of the depravities people visited upon each other and that hit a hard chord in the largely sheltered woman. How would her farming help people if they were just killed by a knife in the night? So, Laurel Seeker Cassie has vowed to pursue her research while ensuing the safety of those who would work the land.

Cassie Rytheen

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