Hammer Lord Kenwyn


An aging, grey-haired knight of the Knight’s of Samular. He shows his decades of service on his face, scarred from battle and etched with wrinkles caused by decades of dispensing fair but strong justice to criminals in the Dessarin Valley.


Hammer Lord Kenwyn is the leader of one of the several patrols that move about the Dessarin Valley. He goes off the roads more than any of the other patrols in pursuit of criminals but mainly in the plains and woodlands.

While a Hammer Lord of Tyr, he does try to dispense justice with some compassion though his views are always to the safety of the people of the communities first.

He also respects those who are not called to Tyur’s service but still strive to bring safety to the people of the land and are willing to get their hands dirty in pursuit of justice. While wary of adventurers and mercenaries for they often lack control, he recognises that sometimes their intervention can be corralled towards doing great things. But if they ever break the law, he will treat them no different to any other criminal or monster.

Currently, Hammer Lord Kenwyn is friendly to the group for their deeds. He has presented two field commendations for their actions and invited them to Summit Hall, the Knights of Samular ancestral home.

Hammer Lord Kenwyn

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