This waystop village of 450 folk stands where the Long Road meets the trail west from an ancient dwarven holy site, the Stone Bridge. The origin of the village’s name is obvious.

Westbridge is a farming center, complete with a market, a stockyard, and grain warehouses. The latter are protected from brigands and monsters by a stout palisade and a hired guard of 20 archers. Of course, there’s also an inn. All of these locations are owned by one person, a halfling called Ghaliver Longstocking. Ghaliver is an enterprising investor, and he’s also great at manipulating the merchants.

The Longstocking Yards are in the center of Westbridge, on the east side of the Long Road, just south of the trail to the Stone Bridge. Cross that trail and you’’ll find Ghaliver’’s Inn. Cross the Long Road, and you’ll be at the restaurant. Basically, this intersection is where anything of interest might occur in Westbridge.

The village also has a small winery that makes forgettable reds, a farrier (a person who shoes horses-poorly), and several capable carpenters and fencebuilders. It’s a good place to stop over, but there’s not much to see if you stay.



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