A dark haired warrior woman.


An attractive, dark haired beauty of the North, her accent thick but warm.

Zaela is an experienced tracker and wanderer of the lands and dresses appropriately. Her armour and clothing are well kept and primed to keep her safe from both the elements as well hostile creatures.

A large, black-bladed sword rests easy on her back and she seems more than ready to loose it and defend herself.

She has a Northern Snowy Owl as a companion and it is generally not far from her, keeping an eye on the terrain about her.


Zaela seems to be new to the Dessarin Valley area, coming up from the southern parts of the Sword Coast.

She has indicated that she is tracking a ruthless killer and bandit who has wronged a friend of hers. She admits to not generally taking bounties but this seems more personal to her.

She has agreed to share information with Seth if she discovers a fresher trail of the humongous murderer.


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