The Lazy Dog Inn

A quarter mile of the Long Road, nestled in the shadows of pines and hardwoods, this multi-story inn and tavern stands strong. A pleasant, tinkling brook runs in front of the building and a small stone bridge leads travellers to the safety of the walled roadhouse.

It has fallen on hard times recently, the drop off in caravan traffic causing the once busy tap-room to sit eerily quiet. Apart from the 3 related owners, the only other attendant is the inn’s maid, cook, stable hand and waitress, a quietly spoken moon elf called Saya.

The inn boasts heated copper baths, cleaning and pressing of clothes, turn down service and boot repair and cleaning.

Two old dogs, a Golden Retriever called Cider and a Moonshae Wolf Hound called Ox welcome all visitors with a lick.


Current Events

The three owners, Amalia, Alaric and Fulco are all in disagreeance about what to do with the failing inn. It was handed down to them from their parents and it is causing some friction in between them.

Amalia, a wizard apprentice from Silvermoon wants to keep the inn but is not interested in staying to run it. Alaric, new to the mercenary life wants to open a mercenary chapter house in the inn to hire out work in the valley. Falco, the youngest, just wants to sell the inn so he can move to Waterdeep or somewhere else with culture.

Other Features

There is an abandoned village (except for their parents) behind the inn called Ul’dah where the three are currently are taking guests on “ghost” tours for extra money.

It appears not to be haunted but a bored pixie has moved in and livened up the ghost tour with some personal touches using an old smugglers house.










The Lazy Dog Inn

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