This small, tree-cloaked village stands east of the Stone Bridge, where the trail from Westbridge meets the trail coming north from Ironford.

Beliard is a market town for local cattle drovers, complete with a covered well free for anyone to use. Rather than setting up ranches, farmers build their houses in Beliard, and wander the nearby moors and rolling grasslands with their herds.

Coming over the small bridge, there is a small grassy commons and pond that are free for all to use and lead their horses and animals to. The generous village even keeps fresh food there for the mounts to graze upon.

Places of Interest

  • The Watchful Knight

An old estate that was built by the legendary Northern Ranger Lord Arachar Calatharr, some 3 centuries past. Now, the beautiful and grand stone building is an inn and one of the best within the Dessarin Valley. There are only 16 rooms but each is richly appointed and much of the original portraits, collections and trophies are still on display throughout.

People of Note

  • Eldon Folkor

An ancient, wrinkled and stooped male gnome and the oldest resident of Beliard. While he is not part of the town leadership, most locals turn to him for wisdom before all others. Eldon has taken it upon himself to welcome all newcomers to Beliard and is often found outside of The Watchful Knight. While his speech has slowed (for a gnome), his mind and eyes are sharp and knows most of what is happening in the surrounding areas.



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