Cult of the Black Earth

A large groups of bandits seem to be moving into the Sumber Hills to join a growing organisation called Cult of the Black Earth. They do not seem to be affiliated with the worship of Grumbar, the Elemental God of the Earth.

So far, their presence has been seen in Red Larch, twisting the small secret society to their whims as well as being responsible for the attack on the delegation from Mirabar. While humans appear to make up most of the cultists, there is evidence that they also have bugbears serving them.

Some are seen wearing masks and cloaks of stone and metal.

Their base is unknown but the knights of Summit Hall say there is an isolated monastery in the Sumber Hills run by a group known as the Monks of the Sacred Stone. They are rarely seen or appear to cause trouble. They took over one of the old Haunted Keeps and rebuilt it into the Sacred Stone Monastery. There is no proof yet that these two groups are linked.

The symbol of the Cult of the Black Earth is a triangle with a straight line inside from the bottom to half way.

Cult of the Black Earth

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