Red Larch Environs

The Farmsteads

In a rough two mile diameter of the town center, dozens of farms supply the the many wagons that head back towards Waterdeep. There are a few orchards but most of the farms are dairy, sheep and vegetables. Many of the farmsteads are made of 2-3 houses of different families backing onto each other and their farms stretching away.

The areas are crisscrossed with low fieldstone walls, dirt paths and fenced of paddocks. It is not unusual for locals to pass into each other’s lands to get to a fishing spot, move their stock or deliver goods. Most of the families have been settled for generations and apart from the occasional neighbourly rift, there is a genuine sense of community out in this area.

Red Larch Cemetery

Out of the town centre and up the Long Path, the local cemetery is generally a peaceful place of well tended graves and small fruit trees. It was tended by a youthful priest of Kelemvor you unfortunately died when the dead rose to the sound of the haunted rebec. A messenger has been sent to both Yartar and Waterdeep requesting a new keeper.

Murik Estate

A Count from distant Cormyr resides in a lovely country estate just north of Red Larch. Count Murik is an aging, overweight man in his 50s who has never wed. Despite being a country estate and a secondary home, three generations have called this place home on a permanent basis. Despite noble heritage, the Count is a popular figure in the town as he often generously donates money, game or objects of art to be auctioned or given as prizes at seasonal festivals. He has even gone as far to offer his estate for a few days to locals to have a romantic get away when he goes away to Waterdeep or Neverwinter for business and courtly affairs.


Red Larch Environs

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